Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day 2 : 1 ,2 ,3 Counting time

Whenever, I teach my daughter Maths, she keeps making mistakes or not sure.. It's not her fault. My biggest mistake:I have been using the method of EXPLAINING to her L

Explaining is not Good
         1)         Model behaviour (I have to start loving Maths)
              -I do ! , We do ! , You do !

         2)  Scaffolding

      3) Let children be independent.

Today’s class we had our brain cells working hard.  I enjoyed the game we played with the beans. 

 First game:  I lost to Punitha because I did not plan my strategy.
Second game: I won as I was careful in  taking the bean. My team mate Punitha & Uma told me the trick in taking away the seed.
 (Rational Counting)

Learning Outcome
Learning subtraction through play
Using concrete object
Social interaction

As I was doing the game it reminded me of the game “Congkak” 
(Malay traditional game)

Happy playing J

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