Thursday, 26 September 2013

Read my mind...

 We started class with a “mind reading” game. 
Think of two numbers

The game was attention-grabbing.  The learning outcome children will be able:
1         ü to practice subtraction 
  ü See the pattern
  ü Communication skill

I agree with Prof Yeap's thought that to teach Maths the teacher’s role is very important.  During my maths era, my teachers taught multiplication not using Bruner Theory  (if they had , I would have done better).  Most of the teachers during my days in school were basically using their previous knowledge to teach us Maths. Even today, I explain Maths to my children using my previous method.

Something new : I would like to say this sentence when I am teaching my child next time. 

¾  / 3 = ¼
3 fourth shared equally among 3 = 1 fourth

The geoboard is a good therapeutic way to end the class as we were getting engrossed in designing a shape but the rule was to leave just one dot.  Reminded me of our kolam (a form of painting that is drawn using rice) 

Maths is making connection. Keep connected

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