Monday, 23 September 2013

My Reflection

Day 1 :   23 September 2013

In our first day of class, I never thought Maths can be “playful” and challenging. I had always been (-) Person to numbers. 

The activities conducted by Dr Yeap were an eye opener. The activity that I enjoyed most was the tangram. When my children got a set of tangram puzzles as a Christmas present, I never thought there so much history behind this puzzle. 

We were give a task was to make a rectangle using the tan gram. As a team we were “cracking” our heads to explore different methods to form a rectangle. 

Base on the activity, I learnt there was social interaction among the team.  Through our discussion we used different methods to complete the task. Being a visual learner, using the concrete materials was helpful.

Interestingly I could teach alphabets and shape using tangram.

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